Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why are you running?

If you're a runner.... read on.
If you're not a runner... read on.

Tomorrow, June 1st, is National Running Day. This gives me an excuse to blog about one of my passions. First let me say, it's something I used to avoid like the plague. What changed? I figured out a few things:

1) Running is a quick way to get in shape. If you're lacking time to go to the gym, tie on some running shoes and devote 15-30 min in the mornings to a run. Ideal for busy parents that want more time with their families. Moms, I highly recommend the book, Run Like A Mother.

2) Waking up early to run is good for the soul. While you're spouse is sleeping, and before the kids and the morning commuters get up and going, you can have some peace and quiet all to yourself and maybe your favorite ipod playlist. And before the sun comes up, you'll avoid the scoarching summertime afternoon heat. Don't forget the boost of energy you'll get to prepare you for your day.

3) It's cheap. Gym memberships? Who needs 'em.

Of course there are also the health benefits of burning calories and getting in shape, but there is something about the freedom of running that makes it stand apart from other means of exercise.
Are you one of those people that refuse to run unless you're being chased? You can still use running as a way of helping others, even if you're not actually the one pounding the pavement. Support a runner that is running for a charitable cause. Volunteer your time with an organization like Girls On the Run to encourage self-respect to preteen girls in your area. Or donate an old pair of sneakers to an organization that will pass them on to the less fortunate, natural disaster victims in need, or to recycle and use as as sports surfaces for basketball or tennis courts or playgrounds around the world.

How will you celebrate tomorrow? Make a lap or 2 around Barton Field? Visit MapMyRun.com for tracks and courses in your area, whether on base or off. Me, I'll be up at 5am, doing my daily run while the family sleeps peacefully at home. Then I'll register for my first half marthon coming up in November, where I will be running to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. (not an official charity of this race, but one that is near and dear to our hearts here at FGFCU.)

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